Tripping Over You


Chapter List

PROLOGUE: Side-Stepping
CHAPTER 1: Step One
CHAPTER 2: Two Steps Back
CHAPTER 3: Three Sheets to the Wind
CHAPTER 4: Four Letter Word
CHAPTER 5: Five Senses Reeling
CHAPTER 6: Six and Half a Dozen
CHAPTER 7: Seven Days a Week
CHAPTER 8: Behind the Eight Ball
CHAPTER 9: Cloud Nine
CHAPTER 10: At Ten Paces
CHAPTER 11: First Rate
CHAPTER 12: Second Hand
CHAPTER 13: Third Wheel
CHAPTER 14: Fourth Plate
CHAPTER 15: Fifth Quarter
CHAPTER 16: Knocked for Six
CHAPTER 17: Seven-League Boots
CHAPTER 18: Eight Ways to Sunday
CHAPTER 19: Nine Lives
CHAPTER 20: Twenty-Twenty Hindsight
EPILOGUE: That's a Wrap

Pages by Chapter

Even the most perfectly planned holiday can go awry when you bring the wrong kind of baggage along.
Friends making big life changes can make you self-reflect— but some life changes come without warning.
Don't be afraid of change if it results in something you truly want. Take big strides into a better situation.
It's possible to be completely taken off guard by something you simply hadn't anticipated.
All of our decisions and experiences, both good and bad, led us to the moment we're in now.