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"Testing the waters" can sometimes result in awkwardly dancing around the point.
Step one for starting a relationship.
How to cover lost ground after making a mistake.
Love drunkenness often leads to instability in new relationships.
It's easy to get angry when you're misunderstood; appreciate those who do understand and value you.
One of the best parts of exploring a new relationship can be entertaining all five senses.
It can be frustrating when you feel stuck— but there is comfort in some things not changing.
It's important to take time out of your routine to recharge with something or someone you care about.
Sometimes the odds feel stacked against you; it takes planning and effort, but things do get better.
Even the most perfectly planned holiday can go awry when you bring the wrong kind of baggage along.
A conversation put off too long is almost guaranteed to be a duel— if you approach it with that mindset.
Top tier can be hard to achieve— especially your first time trying something. Sometimes you have to make do.
Second hand items are really helpful for new flat— but second hand baggage, not so much.
Trying to help someone can sometimes turn into an unhealthy compulsion.
A new and foreign situation can start to feel like home surprisingly quickly with the right company.
Extra pages from Volume 4; Milo's struggling prepping for his movie. Hebert and Liam try to help.
You can put a lot of thought and effort into the main event, but sometimes the after-party is what surprises you.
Friends making big life changes can make you self-reflect— but some life changes come without warning.
Extra pages from Volume 5; Milo shows Liam his audition tape for acting school.
Don't be afraid of change if it results in something you truly want. Take big strides into a better situation.
It's possible to be completely taken off guard by something you simply hadn't anticipated.
It's hard to know which choices will pan out— but as long as you're still alive, you have the chance to grow.
All of our decisions and experiences, both good and bad, led us to the moment we're in now.