Tripping Over You

Living in Future Tense is now live! ♥
Posted January 3, 2024 at 6:00 am

The first page of Living In Future Tense is officially live on!

Milo and Liam are visiting Milo's little sister Sylvia in the hospital following an accident. Armed with very little information before arriving, they're keen to see if there's anything they can do to help.

This story has been a long time in the making for us; if you've been in our Discord, you may have heard us chittering about a timeskip we were planning over the last several years, even before TOY wrapped up. It's pretty surreal that this first page is finally going live!

Our rest time since TOY ending has left us feeling really refreshed, and I can't get enough of how much I love these new pages after the break from live updates. We've still been working on art throughout that time (especially stuff for the Kickstarter (we've got an update on the slipcases coming in the next few days, if you're curious about that!), but it feels really, really good to be putting full comic pages together again. Work is just sparking joy lately, and that feeling only grows as we add more pages to the queue. ♥

Hey, by the way - if you're bummed about the time between TOY and LIFT, fret not! Not only will there be flashbacks throughout LIFT when the time is right, we do eventually have plans to do some fun intermission stuff when we've got the time and occasion to do so. In the meantime, we really hope you enjoy the story we've got planned for you in LIFT! 

In Patreon news: the first six pages of LIFT are currently available for patrons on our $1 and up tiers! ♥ Feel free to join us on Patreon to read ahead - for just a dollar a month, too!

$5+ tiers get access to a WIP journal I've started, where I chat about making the TOY Omnibus! We're currently working on this alongside LIFT, and I've got a lot of gushing to do about how the process has been going so far.

Besides the early pages and journal, all patrons have access to a private VIP-only livestream channel in our Discord where you can hang out and chat with us while we work, as well! (Anyone can join our Discord for general chat, too!)

That's all for now! LIFT will continue updating on Wednesdays at 6AM EST from now on, so please feel free to pop the new website onto your RSS Feed - or follow our social media accounts for live updates! See you soon with the next update!