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Milo Dunstan (Current Age: 20)

Milo is outgoing and expressive, which is great— as long as he thinks before he speaks. He lives in the space between self-confident bravado and the fear of confrontation. He preemptively rehearses day-to-day social situations as though they’re an acting role he can prepare for. He’s studying theatre and dance, but also works part time in his father's restaurant, at his mother's dance studio, and as a stagehand for a local theatre. (The busier he is, the less he has to think!)

Liam Schwartz (Current Age: 20)

Liam is a little nervous. He doesn't sleep much, can be hot-tempered, is a champion for personal space, and has blood that's more caffeine than plasma. He's doing his best to find the balance between letting himself stagnate, and challenging the borders of his comfort zones. Despite having had plans to study law, he's still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. He distracts himself from the uncertainty of his future with coffee and the macabre.

Hebert Dalton (Current Age: 19)

Hebert (sic) is an aspiring professional actor, and a classmate and colleague of Milo's. There's an ocean and five time-zone hours newly placed between himself and his sorely missed friends and family. As a result, he has a tendency to be slightly too desperate for human interaction. Some people find this trait to be somewhat off-putting. (Milo finds this trait to be somewhat off-putting.)

Matt Dooley (Current Age: 20)

Matt shared a number of classes with Liam in their first year of law school. As an intelligent and well put-together student, however, Matt always did seem to be doing a great deal better than Liam in their classes. Liam found himself a little envious of the intellectual prowess that he himself couldn’t seem to muster up. Now Matt has started showing up in Liam's life again, and Liam still can't seem to stop comparing himself to Matt.

Jojo Schwartz (Current Age: 10)

Liam's pet cat. Jojo was born without eyes, which is exactly the reason why young Liam was drawn to the eerie kitten. Despite his lack of sight, Jojo seems to have no trouble getting into things he's not supposed to.

Nora Sinclair (Current Age: 37)

Milo's mother. While Nora aspired to be an actress and a dancer once upon a time, her career was cut short by Milo's unexpected arrival. She traded university for a job and started her family at 18 years old— and was divorced 11 years later. She's remarried and has a new baby girl with her new husband, but she can't help being a little bitter toward her ex. (Especially when Dylan remains bitter, himself.)

Roger Sinclair (Current Age: 58)

Well connected and affluent, Roger Sinclair is a big name talent agent. He's also been Milo's agent since Milo was a child. It's a little unclear whether Nora and Roger started seeing each other before or after Roger began working on Milo's behalf. Either way, Milo isn't particularly thrilled about his mother's new husband (despite being hesitant to cut his own nose to spite his face).

Sylvia Sinclair (Current Age: 17 months)

Sylvia is Milo's new half-sister, the daughter of his mother Nora and her new husband, Roger. While Milo's not yet fully come to terms with where he stands in mother's new life and new family dynamic, it's pretty hard for him not to find Sylvia cute.

Dylan Dunstan (Current Age: 37)

Dylan is Milo's (fairly young) father. Despite having been a father for half his life, he often acts like he’s still trying to figure out how to be a parent. As a result, he often treats Milo more like a brother than a son. He’s laid back and cares deeply for his children, but he can be sarcastic and bitter at times— especially when it comes to his ex-wife. He owns an upscale French restaurant downtown.

Molly and Mina Dunstan (Current Age: 15)

Milo's younger twin sisters. They lived with their mother after their parents' divorce, and saw Milo less often than they would have liked growing up. When they see him now, they're often latching on to him— or better yet, latching on to his boyfriend, Liam. Molly is the curly-haired and more upbeat of the pair; Mina entered her edgy teenager phase early. (They wouldn't be especially pleased to share a cast page slot, but here we are.)

Eli Schwartz (Current Age: 68)

Eli is Liam's father; he’s a strict and conservative lawyer. As an aging single father of a son he struggles to relate to, he's often thoroughly disapproving of the choices Liam makes, and isn't shy about letting his son know about it. Liam spends a great deal of energy trying to stay on good terms and to avoid upsetting his father, but often walks away disappointed after they’ve stubbornly butt heads.

Alfons Schwartz (Current Age: 26)

Alfons is Liam's older cousin on his father’s side, and the black sheep of the family. Alfons ran away at 18 years old to pursue a career in doing absolutely nothing. His talent for music and his friendly nature pays his way in life— while he depends on the hospitality of whoever he can sucker into sheltering him.

Laurence "Laurie" Green (Current Age: 43)

Laurence Green has been the voice actor for Rory (of Rory and Friends fame) since the 90's. Milo's grown up idolizing him— and now that he may even have a chance to work with Laurie, he's extra motivated to be impressive around someone he already looks up to.

Evelyn Bridges (Current Age: 61)

Liam's editor and liaison to his new publishing house. She's very pleasant, so it's not her fault at all that Liam is terrified of her and can't seem to slip out of imposter syndrome any time he meets with her. She's asked him to call her Evie, and he absolutely never will.

Dr. Doris Friend (Current Age: 40)

After ending his therapeutic relationship with Dr. John, Liam did a bit of shopping around for a psychologist he felt more comfortable seeing. Liam knew Dr. Doris Friend was going to be a good fit when she cracked a dry joke about having married her husband only for his surname. She does Liam the kindness of chuckling at his jokes before dismantling his deflection.

Kat Drescher (Current Age: 20)

Kat's an emotional rock - so much so that it seems like nothing affects her. Her calm presence seems to make people think she’s good at giving relationship and life advice, and she finds herself not minding the mothering role she takes on for her friends. She's infrequently seen without her "best friend" (with benefits), Penny O'Neil.

Penny O'Neil (Current Age: 20)

Penny, despite being an introvert, has a pretty good understanding of the way people work. She's developed a skill for taking advantage of situations that can be turned in her favour— though it's not always clear what she plans to do with all of that favour. Kat seems to be the only person she’s sincerely close to.

Antonia "Toni" Lucci (Current Age: 19)

An aspiring professional actress and dancer. She was assigned to be Milo's partner by their university professor, making their professional relationship a little awkward as they try to become accustomed to each other. It helps that they're vaguely familiar with each other from previous dance classes in their childhood.

Archie Bast (Current Age: 20)

Archie is Liam's best friend and former college roommate. Despite often seeming caught up in his own worries and anxieties (and despite having more than his fair share of them), he's more observant than people tend to give him credit for— and also a great deal more understanding. [Archie’s creator: Galen]

Ally Mayfare (Current Age: 20)

Ally was a friend of Milo's in college. She's friendly and upbeat, but with a temper a mile wide if she feels she (or a friend) is insulted. She has an unquenchable thirst for Liam’s friend, Archie. As an amateur actress and a member of their college theatre club, she made up one leg of the Nerd Herd. [Ally’s creator: Ally]

Noel Laroque (Current Age: 20)

Noel doesn't know what it means to not get her way. Her family is very wealthy and of influential social standing. Under her frosty exterior and her loud opinions, however, she has a warm heart for anyone who treats her kindly. Liam is a little enamoured with her, despite frequently being on the receiving end of her coldness.

Richard "Dick" Marre (Current Age: 19)

Dick is a man's man. He's got your back in any situation. Unfortunately, his idea of "having your back" is usually to be loud and overbearing, which is a lot more like pounding you in the back with a sledgehammer than "having" it.

Viola "Vi" Butler (Current Age: 19)

Vi is one of Milo's friends from college and a former member of the Nerd Herd. She's confident in the sort of way that doesn’t have to be pumped up artificially - a state of being that Milo could only aspire to and admire in his friend. She’s quick with a (friendly) jab when she catches her friends contradicting themselves. She also loves making up nonsensical nicknames. [Vi’s creator: Tabs]

Seymour Wright (Current Age: 19)

Seymour was in theatre with Milo, Ally, and Viola back in the day. Milo was always a little jealous that Seymour had gotten the lead in one of their very last college plays, but even Milo has to admit that it was pretty fitting that he shared the character's first name. And disposition.

Chloe Randolph (Current Age: 20)

Chloe is just too nice. She lives in her own little bubble— and has a tendency to be self-absorbed inside of it. She's bubbly and friendly, and always tries to look on the bright side of things - which makes you wonder if there’s some hidden wild side that exists under all that positivity. Archie once had an enormous crush on her that she seemed to never quite notice, even after having been on a date with him.

Dr. John Kholberg (Current Age: 68)

Liam's first therapist is an old friend of Liam's parents, Eli and Riva. Liam began seeing Dr. John Kholberg as a patient shortly after Liam's mother died. He found Dr. John's tendency to share the details of his psychiatric meetings with his father invasive, even though it took him a while to do something about it. It didn't help that Dr. Kholberg's stern therapy style didn't abate Liam's discomfort with him, either.

Mr. Renard (Current Age: 71)

Mr. Renard owns a local theatre, and employs Milo there as a favour to Roger Sinclair. He's eccentric and jovial, but he can be very shrewd in analyzing how useful others can actually be to him - especially when it comes to acting. He doesn't seem to see much promise in Milo as a stage actor, but he's certainly put him to work as a stage hand.

The Landlady (Current Age: 44)

The owner of Milo and Liam's first flat. She's not the most forthcoming and tends to sugarcoat the worst of the flat's flaws, but to her credit, her building has had hardly any fires lately.

The Redhead (Current Age: 32)

One of(?) Dylan's girlfriend(s?); Dylan sometimes travels abroad to visit her. Milo's not sure he wants to know who she is.

Rory and Friends

Rory T. Lion is the main character of "Rory and Friends," an old children's book that was popularized by a 90's cartoon series and several movies. Milo thinks Rory and the gang are really cute— until someone asks him about it. Then he's clearly too old for Rory, or his friends Tip Tap, Giraffer, and the rest.