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extra 19.04
Posted December 7, 2020 at 6:00 am

Thanks so much for being here with us at the end of Chapter 19! ♥ It's been a really fun and introspective chapter for us to make, full of a lot of scenes we'd been looking forward to making for a long time— and now we're really looking forward to the next (and final..!) chapter of TOY!

We'll get our ducks in a row and keep you posted on our plans for printing Volume 6, as this will be the last page of this book! In the meantime, chapter 20 will start this Friday at 6AM PST!

(Hey heads up, our patrons on Patreon get each page one update ahead of schedule— and you can join us on page one update early for just $1 a month!)

Tags: twins, milo