What is Tripping Over You?

TOY is a LGBT slice-of-life webcomic, updated twice a week! The story follows two young men (Milo and Liam) as they begin a somewhat wobbly high school relationship, then follows them into their young adult lives. They trip over each other, their friends, and their families— though for the most part, we aim to keep the story silly and fun.

When does the comic update?

We aim for early morning EST on Mondays and Fridays, but occasionally we’re on the later side of the evening getting pages up. Usually we’ll have the page up by EST midnight of our update day if all goes well— and we update our twitter live as each page goes up.

How long will the comic run?

We’re currently on chapter 16 of a planned 20 chapters (plus an additional epilogue) – so if we continue at the rate we’re updating, we’ll be working on TOY for a few more years yet.

What’s the comic’s rating?

Our main website is PG13, with some suggestion of sexuality as it comes up in their relationship. We do also make additional 18+ comics available in our store, but 18+ material never appears in the main story itself. We like to keep the two separate in case the adult stuff isn’t someone’s cup of tea (and sales of the 18+ comics help support us making the main comic for free), but we have a lot of fun making both in their own ways.

Can I translate Tripping Over You?

Absolutely! Give us a nudge through our email, we’d be stoked to talk to you about it! If you already have (or you’ve already offered & we’ve lost touch) and would like us to link to your translation, let us know and send us a link! (Non-profit only, please!)

How do you pronounce Milo and Liam?

My-low and Lee-um.



Are the two main characters gay?

Milo is gay, Liam is bisexual.

Where/when is the comic based?

The comic starts in 2008 only because that’s when we first created the characters and their world. We jokingly refer to the setting as Maybengland (“maybe England”)— mostly because we want to avoid setting it somewhere actually real and accidentally implying comparisons to real-world politics or people.We also like to make clear that we make real-world setting-related mistakes all the time— despite having a lot of fun researching real-world locations and events to reference! Most places in TOY are absolutely based on real places.

Are Kat and Penny dating?

We’re currently making a spin off side-story (called Walk It Off) about this very question, as well as following their misadventures while they’re away travelling in Chapters 8-9! We’re currently printing the story through Emet Comics and have copies of each chapter as they’re available in Fresh Romance. Chapter 1 (of 3) is currently available here!

Why is Hebert spelled without the second R?

Because Owen loved that Suzana hated it. ♥



Who is “we”?

We’re Suzana Harcum and Owen White! We’re a married lesbian couple; Suzana is the artist and Owen is the writer. Hello!

Is any of the story based on your lives? Are any of the characters meant to be you?

A little bit! It’s pretty difficult to leave yourself out of a story entirely, so little (super-exaggerated) bits of us and our relationship are for sure in Milo and Liam’s story. Some of their friends’ and families’ stories are based on things our friends and families have done, but these too are pretty exaggerated for comedy.(Kat and Penny are much less like us, though. I think they’d make us kind of nervous to actually meet them.)

How long have you been together/working on the comic together?

We’ve been dating since 2009, married since November of 2012 – and we’ve been making TOY together since early 2011.

What inspired you to make this comic?

Milo and Liam were originally characters we created back in 2008 to write together, draw together, and basically flirt with each other through. When we started dating we put them away— and then later realized how much we missed them! When Suzana first wanted to start a webcomic together and wanted a fun story that we had a lot of ideas and content pre-planned for that would be easy to practice with as a first-time comic (and could potentially run for a long time if we wanted it to), we ended up taking the boys back out of storage and fleshing them out into a more linear story. We were really fond of them and what they meant to us, too— which makes it easy to be fond of the grind.

Do you have any other comics?

Besides Tripping Over You and Walk It Off, we have a couple more in the works— most recently we’ve been working on a second webcomic called The Death Of Caleb Perkins.

Are you going to any conventions soon?

We’ll definitely announce any cons we’re planning to attend on twitter!


Who manages your store?

We do! We package and mail our books and merch personally, and we’re available for customer support 7 days a week. We try to get back to you within 24 hours of correspondence!

Are packages from your store sent discretely?

Packages are usually sent under Tripping Over You in a discrete plain white package – and we’ll gladly send anything under one of our names instead upon request. If extra discretion is needed, we’re very happy to accommodate! (We’ve both been there – we know how important this can be sometimes!)

Do you have print copies of the comic?

We do! Currently up to chapter 14 appears in print in our store, and we have plans to continue printing them moving forward.

Are there print copies of the 18+ comics?

We don’t print them together in the same book, but we do occasionally offer mini-booklets of the 18+ comics in our store. We’ll announce whenever they’re back in stock – usually around holidays or special occasions. We do always carry a few copies with us to conventions and have them on request, however!