we’re on our way home from TCAF!
Posted May 13, 2019 at 9:05 am

We’re on the road after TCAF— thanks for your patience, guys! We had an absolutely amazing time in Toronto and are still reeling from how good it was to us and how many inspiring and cool people we had the chance to meet and talk to!

If you happened to miss the sale we did in April, heads up that you can still enter code MAY19 in our store this week for 10% off your entire cart, including digital and physical items!

We also have the physical 18+ minibooks available in our store right now, as well as a limited edition run of prints— so if you've been hoping to see either of those items available from us, now's a great time to grab them with that MAY19 coupon!

(It also helps us out with travel costs, so we really appreciate it!)

See you Friday! ♥